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Artist ILGVARS ZALANS Nationality latvian Born 24.09.1962 Biography Year Activity Location 1988 -1992 Latvian Academy of Arts , Department of pedagogy 1984 - 1987 Riga Applied Art College. Department of decorative painting since 2001 Member of The Artists’ Union of Latvia Solo Exhibitions

Solo exibitions


2010  Eight Yellow, Organhaus Art Space gallery, Chongqing,          CHINA

2008  Paintings. EE FineArt gallery,...

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47.24 x 31.50 in
47.24 x 31.50 in
47.24 x 31.50 in
47.24 x 31.50 in
47.24 x 31.50 in
47.24 x 31.50 in
47.24 x 31.50 in
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Artist ILGVARS ZALANS Nationality latvian Born 24.09.1962 Biography Year Activity Location 1988 -1992 Latvian Academy of Arts , Department of pedagogy 1984 - 1987 Riga Applied Art College. Department of decorative painting since 2001 Member of The Artists’ Union of Latvia Solo Exhibitions

Solo exibitions


2010  Eight Yellow, Organhaus Art Space gallery, Chongqing,          CHINA

2008  Paintings. EE FineArt gallery, Cambridge,                                  U.K.

         S.A.P. Little VanGogh gallery, Bruxelles                                 BELGIUM

2007 Waiting for NOA,  Terbatas Centrum, Riga

2006 Lonely planet and an other diamonds, gallery A7, Riga

        Hostal Catalan, Rodriguez-Amat Foundation,Girona,                    SPAIN
        Life above water, gallery Laiptai, Siauliai,                                   LITHUANIA
2005 INDIA ... MOROCCO  ,gallery LAIPA, Valmiera
        Why this country seems so special?, Daugavpils Museum of Arts and Studies
2004 Ticket to Japan, gallery Mans`s, Jekabpils
        Welcome to V.!, Locanda Antica, Vellano, PS,                               ITALY
        Reconstruction, Centrum hotel, Viljandi,                                     ESTONIA
2003 ANIMA, gallery Art garden, Riga
        Landscape, Town hall ,Hoje-Taastrup,                                        DENMARK
2002 exibition hall of Madona Museum
         Jakobsen keskus Hall Viljandi,                                                    ESTONIA
2001 Landscape, The House of Architects, Riga,
         Carpe diem!, gallery Laipa Valmiera,
2000 Epifany, hotel De ROME, Riga ,





Selected group exibitions

2010 Bridges  EPO gallery, DenHague,                                            NETHERLANDS

         Creeping Corridors, re-C Art Space,     Chengdu,                             CHINA

2009 Undiscovered artists 2 , MartinGalleries, Brisbane, QLD,            AUSTRALIA

          F.A. presente, Galerie Claire de Villaret, Paris                                FRANCE

          Art Ireland Spring Collection                                                                                                              IRELAND
            Cambridgeshire Art Fair                                                                        UK
2007  Opening exhibition, EE Fine Art gallery, Cambridge                          UK

         Talent-aid International, EPO Exibition space, Den Haag,        NETHERLANDS

2006  Man in the city , Gallery PRATO, Olomouc , Praha                 CZECH Republic

         ART DORS National Museum of Moldova, Chisineu,                      MOLDOVA
2005  Mouse,Utsav Foundation, New Delhi,                                              INDIA
2003  Private space, art Museum Arsenals, Riga
2002  The Plate, porcelain paintings, Latvian Porcelain Museum, Riga
         paintings & ceramics with latvian potterists, in4 Museums of LATVIA
         Painting of the Year 2002. The Hunt ,gallery ASUNA, Riga,
2001  4 painters,   Pskov, Kremlin,                                                         RUSSIA

Public commissions

2009 My Brisbane, Martingalleries,QLD,                                           AUSTRALIA

2008 Cambridgeshire Art Fair 2008 , Cambridge,                                      UK               

2007 Cambridgeshire Art Fair 2007 , Cambridge,                                      UK               

2006  ART PERISCOPE , Czenstohow,                                                  POLAND
2004  City and industry, Open Atelier De Vrijplaats, Amsterdam,       NETHERLANDS
2003  Landscape ,gallery Laipa,Valmiera (residency award)
2002 The Fall 2002 and The Fall 2001, art Museum Arsenals, Riga

Professional expierence

2010 mass competition of graffiti art ,  Chongqing                                   CHINA

         Painting symposium Zaporozje,                                                    UKRAINE

 Organhaus Artist Residency, Chongqing                                         CHINA

2008 2ngMeeting of Global Arts,Performance circle , Lisbon,             PORTUGAL

        Man-in-Fest Theatre Festival, Cluj-Napoca                                  ROMANIA

        1st International Openart Residency,                                            GREECE

        International Visual Arts Festival in Monastir                                 TUNISIA

        Open day at European Council, representator of Latvia, Brussels, BELGIUM

         AnsanFringe Festival,Ansan,Seoul                                         SOUTH KOREA

         Helgarein Art Festival, Stavanger,                                                NORWAY

         PERFO 08, Pori,                                                                           FINLAND

         ILLUMINATOR , digital images, Koltcovo airport, Jekaterinburg, RUSSIA

         2nd edition of ROLL UP ART, Bucharest                                     ROMANIA

2007 lecture and creative  residency in Haifa University, Haifa,            ISRAEL

         selfdirected painting residency in Cairo,                                       EGYPT

        1stInternational Symposium of Modern Art , Mallnitz ,              AUSTRIA

         painting residency Villa Garikula,                                              GEORGIA

2006 Art Simposium Eurointegration through Art , Chisineu,               MOLDOVA

        Art Simposium  Natural pigments , Hucisko,                                 POLAND
        7th international Plein-air ZELWA2006 ,Sejny,                             POLAND
2005 painting residency in Fez, Chefchaoen                                       MOROCCO
2004 VELLANOARTE 2004,2005  Vellano, Tuscany,                             ITALY
        painting residency in Viljandi,                                                        ESTONIA

        selfdirected painting residency in Praha,                                 CZECH Republic
2003 painting residency in Zurich                                                    SWITZERLAND
        International Open Air Painting& Drawing workshop Pskov,          RUSSIA
2002 porcelain painting simposium in Zvartava Art center
        art management simposium TBILISI,                                           GEORGIA
        land art  Labyrinth, ruins of Viljandi castle,                                    ESTONIA

Awards , Grants

2010 Kamiyama Artist residency fellowship , Tokushima,                       JAPAN

2007 Trophée Arts-up 2007  Award                                                        FRANCE

        Travel Grant, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation,                         GEORGIA                           
        Artist in residency The Rodríguez-Amat Foundation, Girona,/RESARTIS/  SPAIN

2006 scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture And Science of NETHERLANDS

        Travel grant Prins Bernhard CultuurFonds                                   NETHERLANDS
        Artist in residency The Rodríguez-Amat Foundation, Girona,/RESARTIS/  SPAIN
        Eurogallery Award Scheme 2005 Bronze Award
2005 Artist Fellowship, GAC  int. Artist residency, Delhi,                         INDIA

        Creative stipend, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation
        BEL ART online AWARD                                                                PORTUGAL
2004 Artist in Residency, Fundacion Valparaiso /RESARTIS/ ,               SPAIN
        Travel Grant, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation,                           SPAIN                
2003 Creative stipend, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation
        Artist in Residency, Hooje-Taastrup, Copenhagen,                        DENMARK
2002 Creative stipend, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation,
        Artist in Residency, Viljandi,                                                            ESTONIA

Represented in collections

Kate Rothko Prizel & Christopher Rothko collection,                                    USA

The Artists Union of Latvia

State Art museum , Zaporozye,                                                                UKRAINE,

Museum of Limbazi Daugavpils and Talsi art Museums                            LATVIA

Organhaus Art Space collection, Chongqing,                                              CHINA

municipality of Viljandi ,                                                                             ESTONIA

GAV Foundation, Delhi,                                                                               INDIA

municipality of Hoje-Taastrup,                                                                  DENMARK

municipality of Vellano,PS,                                                                            ITALY

Rodriguez Amat Foundation , Girona,                                                         SPAIN

Talent Aid International, DenHaague,                                                    NETHERLANDS

Little van Gogh gallery, Paris,                                                                      FRANCE

EE Fineart gallery, Cambridge,                                                                        UK

LoveArtAgency Gallery, Aichi,                                                                     JAPAN

Khust Art gallery, Khust, 

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